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Autor:  RoboCop [ 19.01.2014, 15:11 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Hello/Hallo

Hi sorry for my absence, family problems. Also I'm managed to free some more quality time as I've just resigned as MPUKTF2 admin.

Any help needed or latest news?

I've tried darope's beta MM linux binary but it doesnt seem to function. Also I think MetaMod-P37 appears to work more dominant than the MM beta for some strange reason. I tried to delete the metamod-p binary or comment out the linux addons/metamod/

Despite that I've also try testing AdminMod v2.50.60 Linux and darope's MM beta on my CS 1.6 match server with no extra addons, but I don't think its working properly.

Also I've just got a new PC and I had to store and keep my important files and it took ages to load and transfer onto my new PC. And I've just got Linux Ubuntu 12.04 PC OS installed into the BIOS Partition.

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