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ich werde zwar von server als amin erkann aber ich kann nix machen


// Server Cvars
hostname "[IG]BALLERBUDE"
rcon_password "passwort"
sv_password "none"

// CS Specific Cvars
mp_autokick "1"
mp_autoteambalance "1"
mp_c4timer "35"
mp_flashlight "1"
mp_footsteps "1"
mp_forcechasecam "0"
mp_freezetime "0"
mp_friendlyfire "1"
mp_limitteams "0"
mp_logmessages "1"
mp_mapvoteratio "0.5"
mp_roundtime "3"
mp_timelimit "30"
mp_tkpunish "0"
mp_buytime "1.25"
mp_falldamage "1"
mp_hostagepenalty "0"
mp_maxrounds "0"
mp_wheater "0"

// General HL Cvars
decalfrequency "60"
pausable "0"
sv_aim "0"
sv_cheats "0"
sv_maxrate "9999"
sv_maxspeed "320"
sv_minrate "2500"
sv_voiceenable "0"
sv_airmove "0"
sv_airaccelerate "2"
sv_clienttrace "1"
sv_contact "www.clanurl.com"


// (Note: For CVARS that are set to either "on" or "off," 0=off and 1=on) //
echo Executing Admin Mod config file

// Used by the TFC plugin only. If enabled, an attempt to switch
// teams will be rejected if it would unbalance the teams
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_balance_teams 0

// If you are using bots with admin mod you can set this to 1
// It will protect bots from receiving client commands which
// would crash your server.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_bot_protection 0

// This is the message displayed to everyone after connecting.
admin_connect_msg "Welcome to the Real World..."

// This controls the availability of weapon restriction in CS.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_cs_restrict 0

// This will produce debugging messages in your logs which can
// be used to troubleshoot problems. Not recommended for general use.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_debug 0

// Determines whether or not the fun commands are allowed by default.
// If not on by default, the admin can still turn it on when wanted.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_fun_mode 0

// Enable to get special effects with certain commands
// like teleport or slap.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_fx 0

// If enabled, people who are gagged (not allowed to "say") will be
// unable to change their name while gagged
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_gag_name 0

// If enabled, people who are gagged will not be able to use
// the say_team command.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_gag_sayteam 0

// Makes the admin with the highest access level the only admin in power.
// Example: if multiple admins are present, only the one with the highest
// access level will have admin access.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_highlander 0

// If admin_ignore_immunity is enabled, ACCESS_IMMUNITY is
// ignored and does nothing.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_ignore_immunity 0

// This file specifies which script plugins get loaded.
// It should be relative from the <mod> directory
admin_plugin_file "addons/adminmod/config/plugin.ini"

// The time (in seconds) during which an admin can reconnect after
// disconnecting without resetting his password in the setinfo line.
admin_reconnect_timeout 300

// Message displayed to users who try to execute commands that
// they don't have the appropriate access rights for.
admin_reject_msg "You do not have access to this command."

// How often, in seconds, the repeat_message should be shown on
// the screen during the game. Minimum value is 15 seconds.
// So, a value of 600 = 10 minutes between messages.
admin_repeat_freq 600

// Message that is show to everyone on the server every
// ten minutes by the message plugin.
admin_repeat_msg "This server is using Admin Mod"

// The old verbosity. Defines how commands are announced to the players
// clients in the form: "[ADMIN] <user> used command <command>"
// 0=all commands announced in chat with the admin name
// 1=all commands announced in chat, but without the admin name
// 2=most commands not announced at all (except "cheat" commands)
admin_quiet 0

// This file is used to store configuration data across maps
// and even across server restarts.
admin_vault_file "addons/adminmod/config/vault.ini"

// If enabled, a hlds_ld-style map vote will automatically
// start five minutes before the end of a map.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
admin_vote_autostart 0

// If set to on status (1), when a vote is in progress all
// players will see the votes of other players as they vote.
// (0=disable, 1=enabled)
admin_vote_echo 0

// Number of seconds that must elapse after start of the map,
// or the end of another vote, before another hlds_ld-style
// map vote can be called.
admin_vote_freq 600

// Controls how many times the current map can be
// extended for thirty minutes
admin_vote_maxextend 0

// Percent of players who have to vote for a map to get it
// to win a hlds_ld-style map vote.
admin_vote_ratio 60

// Ability to make clients execute commands
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
allow_client_exec 0

// When set to 0, and debug is enabled, Admin Mod passwords
// will not be logged in cleartext.
amv_log_passwords 0

// Private server option. If enabled, only users listed in
// users_file or ips_file are allowed to access the server.
amv_private_server 0

// The message displayed to users who do not get granted
// access to a private server
amv_prvt_kick_message ""

// The time during which an admin can reconnect to the server into
// a *different* slot than before without losing his admin access rights.
// Maximum is 90 seconds.
amv_reconnect_time 0

// Defines the max time length in seconds of voting process.
amv_vote_duration 30

// Default access rights for players not in the users.ini file.
// (See documentation for access levels and information)
default_access 1

// Whether to use encrypted passwords or not.
// 0: disabled
// 1: encrypt using Unix crypt() (Linux ONLY)
// 2: encrypt using MD5 hash
// 3: encrypt using MySQL PASSWORD() (MySQL ONLY)
encrypt_password 0

// If enabled, the scripting file functions have read
// access to files
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
file_access_read 0

// If enabled, the scripting file functions have write
// access to files
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
file_access_write 0

// Declares priority IPs that are allowed to take a
// reserved spot (if any are set up) without a password.
ips_file 0

// Ratio of players who must vote 'yes' to a kick for
// it to be successful.
kick_ratio 60

// Ratio of players who must vote 'yes' to a map change
// for it to be successful.
map_ratio 80

// List of maps people are allowed to vote for. "" to disable.
// Disable to enable all maps and use list from mapcycle.txt.
maps_file ""

// The file (relative to the <mod> dir) that
// reserved models are loaded from. "" to disable.
models_file ""

// The message shown to someone who gets kicked for
// trying to use a reserved model.
models_kick_msg "[ADMIN] That model is reserved on this server."

// The message shown to someone who gets kicked for
// trying to use a reserved nickname.
nicks_kick_msg "[ADMIN] That name is reserved on this server."

// Password_field...first password of the setinfo line
// If password_field is "_pw-AdminMod", the setinfo will be
// setinfo "_pw-AdminMod" "password-in-users.ini"
password_field _pw-home

// If pretty_say is enabled, centersay() fades in
// and out and does some other tricks.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
pretty_say 1

// Controls how many (number) of the server's slots are reserved.
// This is useful only if reserve_type, below, is either 0 or 2.
reserve_slots 0

// Custom message given to clients trying to connect who do not have
// a reserved slots, when no public slots are free
reserve_slots_msg "There are no reserved slots available on the server."

// This controls how reserve slots work on the server. See documentation.
reserve_type 0

// If enabled, names are compared to those who have privileges
// with regular expressions.
// (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
use_regex 0

// The file in which you define your admins, their passwords
// and the access levels that they are assigned to.
users_file "addons/adminmod/config/users.ini"

// The minimum number of seconds allowed between votes
// called with the vote() (admin_vote functions) scripting function.
// If 0 or disabled, the vote() scripting function is disabled.
vote_freq 180

// Location of word filter file. "" to disable, or something
// like "wordlist.txt" if enabled
words_file ""


setinfo "_pw-home" "passwort"

und wie kommt bei mir im spiel ein menü ??

danke mfg ak

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Was gibt denn admin_version aus? Ich vermute nicht geladene Plugins, wenn du wirklich als Admin erkannt werden solltest.

Weiterhin empfehle ich STEAM_0:0:7908725::114687 -> setinfo ist unnötig.

Für das Menü gibts von sdal ein Plugin (s. Plugins @ adminmod.de)

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